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| Vaughan Harrison | Daijah Porchee | JaNay Adgers |

A podcast dedicated to exploring and understanding the black experience through our millennial lenses. Through the transparency and discussion of our own lives, thoughts, and experiences, we attempt to navigate religion, sex, adulthood, popular culture, mental health, gender, identity, and more... Seen is hosted by three young, black adults (Vaughan, Daijah, & JaNay) just seeking to understand our own trauma, curiosities, and qualms. Each episode, we discuss topics that either made us raise our black fists in solidarity or made us give a hard side-eye with "F*ck Yeahs & Hell Nahs." We acknowledge black accomplishment with "I See You." Each episode, our cohosts rotate choosing & moderating a given topic. This show is equal parts group therapy and roasting session. Join us as we discuss black pastimes and taboos alike. As marginalized, underrepresented individuals, we just want to be loved, be heard, and be Seen.

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